Swedish Healthcare System Tour in Stockholm

American students learn first-hand how healthcare and social welfare system works in Sweden.

Central Michigan University & Indiana University
American graduate and postgraduate students came to Stockholm for a study abroad course about Sweden’s healthcare system. During the week, students learned first-hand how the healthcare and social welfare system works in Sweden. In addition, students earned three course credits for completing the course.

Sweden has one of the most prestigious healthcare models in the world. While learning about the different aspects of the Swedish healthcare system, students explored questions such as: What makes the Swedish healthcare system one of the best? How much can be replicated in other parts of the world? What is Swedish and what is European when it comes to healthcare system performance?

During the study tour, the students got a first-hand look at health financing, delivery, access and utilization. They met speakers from Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm University, Malmö University, Stockholm County Council and the Swedish Red Cross, and discussed how policy work is linked to improved health outcomes. New in this year’s program was how Sweden addresses the needs of the asylum-seeking population, regarding policy and healthcare.

Although an intense program with study visits in both Stockholm and Malmö, students got valuable insights into a healthcare and social welfare system very different from the American system. Students had the chance to observe and understand healthcare service delivery during the course, and they also
got a taste of Swedish culture and society. Both students and faculty thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Sweden.

Topic: Swedish Healthcare System
Visiting from: USA
Participants: 24
When: May 2017
Duration: 6 Days


“It was great getting to see all the different health settings and professionals, to see all the different perspectives.”
Student from Central Michigan University
“Swedish Healthcare did a great job with all the logistics and administration”
Student from Indiana University