About us

About Swedish HealthCare Academy

Swedish HealthCare Academy is a private company that was founded in 1989 to act as an international gateway to Swedish medical and healthcare knowledge. Today, we arrange tours and courses for international groups of professionals and students.

Swedish HealthCare Academy has…

arranged tours, study visits and specialized training for international students and health professionals from the USA, Canada, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. Our clients are medical and elderly care professionals, international health and education authorities, as well as universities and vocational colleges and their students.

Network of experts

Swedish HealthCare Academy enjoys close ties with several universities and university hospitals in Sweden, including a network of leading elderly care and social welfare professionals and long-term care facilities. Our tours provide clients with insights into Sweden’s top-ranked healthcare, elderly care and social welfare systems, where they meet leading care and welfare experts.

Clinical Trainings

Clinical Trainings