Clients & Projects

Child care and education in Sweden
Japanese university students visited Malmö and Lund, Skåne to study the Swedish Child care and our country’s welfare system for children and adolescents.
Health System in Sweden
Through cultural immersion, American students learned first-hand how healthcare and the social welfare system works in Sweden.
Canadian Health System
This course brought together students from Central Michigan University and Texas Woman’s University with Canadian institutions, health providers and experts at various academic levels.
An online multidisciplinary global health course with experts from 5 continents
Central Michigan University and Indiana University partnered with Swedish Healthcare Academy to design a new interdisciplinary course titled “At War with the Virus: Coping
Medicine & Oncology
Ten Chinese thoracic surgeons visit lung cancer treatment clinics in Sweden to exchange knowledge and share experiences with Swedish lung cancer specialists.
Elderly Care Social Welfare Occupational Therapy
Japanese students visit Malmö to study elderly care, social welfare and occupational therapy.
German Healthcare System
American students from universities in Texas and Michigan visit Berlin to study the German healthcare system.