Below is an example of a pre-structured study abroad course. We also offer tailored programmes

Sweden has one of Europe’s proportionally largest elderly populations. Health and social care for the elderly are important parts of Swedish welfare policy, and Sweden spends more than most OECD countries on long-term care.

The objective of the tour is to give an overview of Sweden’s elderly care system, its structure, financing and service delivery. The content includes home care services, long-term care (LTC) facilities, dementia care and
assistive technology. Participants will identify the strengths of the system but also explore its current challenges. The tour will tie together the elderly care system with Sweden’s healthcare system in the effort to maintain good health among the elderly.

The tour is for groups of students, elderly care workers, managers and policymakers looking for a first-hand experience of Sweden’s elderly care system. The program combines lectures and study visits to give participants new insights but also the opportunity to observe first-hand how elderly care services are organized and delivered in Sweden. The group setting will allow participants to discuss and exchange ideas during lectures and study visits throughout the program.

Above example is only meant for inspiration, all courses are tailor made.