Swedish Healthcare System Tour Stockholm

American University students visit Stockholm to study the Swedish Healthcare system

Central Michigan University & Indiana University
University students from Central Michigan University and Indiana University (Indianapolis) visited Stockholm to study the Swedish Healthcare system. Topics during the week included governance, financing and performance of the healthcare system, value-based healthcare, global and public health.

The objective of the course is for students to learn about the Swedish healthcare system in order to compare and contrast differences with the healthcare system in the United States. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) ranks Sweden as among the best healthcare systems in the world. During the course students will learn key facts about the Swedish healthcare system and study visits will give them hands-on experience of how the healthcare system functions in Sweden.

Apart from lectures by speakers from Stockholm University, Stockholm County Council and Stockholm Municipality, students made study visits to
Karolinska University Hospital, a private primary care center and an elderly care facility. At Karolinska Institute the lecture focused on Global health and
the group also attended a lecture about public health at the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Overall students were satisfied with their participation in the study tour and found the content relevant to their studies. Many enjoyed the visits to Karolinska University Hospital, the elderly care facility Lojtnantsgarden and the primary care center. Favorite lectures were about global health at Karolinska Institute and the regional perspective on healthcare at the Stockholm County Council.

Topic: Swedish Healthcare System
Visiting from: USA
Participants: 25
When: May 2018
Duration: 5 Days


“Lojtnantsgarden (elderly care facility) was a great visit as that was different from the U.S. Plus it was great to get to talk to the residents.”
Student from Central Michigan University
“The study visit to Karolinska University hospital was very interesting and new.”
Student from Indiana University