Lung Cancer Clinical Tour

Ten Chinese thoracic surgeons visit lung cancer treatment clinics in Sweden

China International Medical Foundation
Ten thoracic surgeons from China came to Sweden to visit lung cancer treatment clinics in Stockholm and Uppsala. The visiting surgeons were all specialized in the field of lung cancer and leading members of the branch association of Thoracic Surgery in China. They came to Sweden to exchange knowledge and share experiences with Swedish lung cancer specialists.

Sweden has a good international reputation for cancer treatment. For lung cancer treatment in Sweden, the EUROCARE 5 study reported a 5-year relative survival of 14,7%, higher than the European average 13,0%. China is facing many of the same challenges as Sweden with an aging population and a rapidly growing number of lung, prostate and breast cancer patients. The aim of the Sweden trip was to exchange know-how in lung cancer treatment and surgery with Swedish colleagues.

First the surgeons visited the Lung Oncology Center at NKS Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, where they observed a live laparoscopic lung surgery. The visitors could follow the surgery in detail with the help of the surgeon’s head camera and the experience was highly appreciated. The next day they visited the Department of Thoracic Surgery at Uppsala University Hospital where they discussed the Swedish National Quality Registry for Lung Cancer and compared survival rates for lung cancer in Sweden and China.

The Chinese surgeons were very pleased to meet with Swedish colleagues, discuss new surgery techniques and compare outcomes with their own results. They were very impressed by the Swedish lung cancer patient registry and hope to implement something similar in China. They chose Sweden as they want to increase focus on the patient’s quality of life, and expressed that Sweden therefore is a great place to learn.

Topic: Medicine & Oncology
Visiting from: China
Participants: 10
When: November 2017
Duration: 2 Days


“It was terrific to have such opportunity to observe the live laparoscopic surgery to remove lung cancer. Also, the National Quality Registry for Lung Cancer impressed us so much.”
Cathy Liu, China International Medical Foundation