Elderly Care System Tour Malmö

Japanese students visit Malmö to study elderly care, social welfare and occupational therapy

Tokyo & Saitama College of Welfare
Students from Tokyo and Saitama College of Welfare visited Malmö to study elderly care and social welfare in Sweden. This year, a small group of Occupational Therapists also joined and enjoyed a separate program focused on the practise of occupational therapy in Sweden. The group also met Swedish students and had time for sightseeing in Malmö and Copenhagen.

The objective is to give students insights into the Swedish social welfare system, with focus on elderly care and social welfare services. Japan has the highest proportion of elderly citizens in the world and therefore a challenging future to manage rising costs for elderly care. The occupational therapy students focused on how occupational therapy is integrated in the Swedish healthcare system and how therapists work with children and adults in Sweden.

The students were greeted by former Mayor Kent Andersson and enjoyed a tour of the historic Malmö City hall. The program included study visits to several elderly care facilities, Malmö library and a social welfare center for young adults. The care worker students were divided into groups and had one day of internships at three different elderly care facilities. Afterwards they shared their experiences with students and faculty.

This tour gives Japanese students the opportunity to observe and be inspired by the Swedish welfare system. Care worker students experienced first-hand what support the elderly can receive and how they are cared for. Social worker students learned about honour crimes and how social workers prevent crimes and social problems in multicultural areas of Malmo. Occupational therapy students visited clinics in hospitals and primary care centers and learned how occupational therapy is integrated in the Swedish healthcare system.

Topic: Elderly Care Social Welfare Occupational Therapy
Visiting from: Japan
Participants: 47
When: November 2018
Duration: 4 Days


“I could learn the difference between Swedish and Japanese welfare.”
Student from Tokyo College of Welfare
“There were crimes that I never heard of in Japan. I learned something for my future.”
Student from Saitama College of Welfare
“The systems in Japan and Sweden is different, and I think it will be difficult to apply what I saw directly in Japan. However, it was very inspiring to know the high ambitions of Sweden.”
Student from Tokyo College of Welfare