Medical residency programs

We currently have no available residency positions.

Swedish HealthCare in partnership with Swedish university hospital clinics administers postgraduate residency training programs in medicine for foreign doctors. The residency training is carried out under excellent academic and clinical guidance and complies with Swedish standards in terms of content and quality. Learning Swedish is a requirement to undergo residency training in Sweden.

The residency training period is normally five years, but first you must obtain a Swedish medical license. In order to obtain a medical license, you must learn Swedish and pass a language test (level C1), pass a medical proficiency test (in Swedish), take a course in Swedish laws and regulations in healthcare, and finally undergo clinical training (see more detailed information below). The process of obtaining a medical license is approximately 24 months.


Detailed information about Medical Residency programs

Application Requirements

To apply for medical residency training, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • a professional degree from a recognized medical school
  • to be registered as a medical practitioner in your home country
  • at least 24 months internship/working experience as medical practitioner in hospital in his/her home country
  • qualification for scholarship to cover cost of residency training and living expenses

Personal interviews for admission will be conducted and are required.

Swedish Language Requirement

Full proficiency in the Swedish language is a requirement (C1-level) to take part in clinical training in Sweden. This is necessary for a number of reasons:

  • Patient safety requires the ability to communicate effectively with patients in Swedish
  • Swedish language skills are needed to maximize the learning process in the clinical program

Medical License Application Process

Process to apply for Swedish Medical Licence

The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) is the government authority that issues medical licenses in Sweden. Medical doctors educated outside the EU/EEA have to follow the seven steps outlines below to obtain a Swedish medical license. A Swedish medical license is a requirement before you can start your residency training.

If you are accepted to residency position in Sweden and have an approved scholarship for your residency training, Swedish HealthCare Academy can assist you during the process to obtain a Swedish medical license.

  1. Assessing your education

The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare will make an assessment of your education and medical degree and check that you are registered as medical doctor in your home country.  You need to submit an application and several required documents.

  1. Learn Swedish

You need to have certified knowledge in Swedish (to level C1) to be able to obtain a Swedish medical license. You can start learning Swedish when you prefer, but good language skills are helpful to pass the Swedish medical proficiency test (step 3). Before you start your clinical training, you need to verify your language skills with a certificate or grade (corresponding to level C1).

  1. Take a medical proficiency test

The medical proficiency test is in Swedish. The new proficiency test is arranged by Umeå University and consists of a theoretical part and a practical part. You are given three opportunities to pass the theoretical part and two opportunities to pass the practical part. Both parts must be completed within 24 months from the first attempt.

  1. Pass course in Swedish laws and regulations

Once you receive a decision from us approving your proficiency test, you should take a course in Swedish laws and regulations. In the course you will learn about the laws and regulations to which the Swedish healthcare system is subject.

  1. Undergo clinical training

Once you pass the course in Swedish laws and regulations and submit your certificate confirming your linguistic skills, you will undergo clinical training. You cannot start the clinical training before you have received a decision from us to do so.

  1. Submit your application for a Swedish medical license

Submit your application to the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare for a Swedish medical license. Processing time can vary.

  1. Approval and receipt of Swedish Medical license

After your application has been approved, the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare will issue your Swedish medical license. Now you can start your residency training at the university hospital clinic.

The process of going through step 1-6 will take approximately 24 months, depending on the skills and effort of the candidate.

Find more detailed information on the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare website.

Time Plan

The process of obtaining a medical license takes approximately 24 months (depending on the skills and effort of the candidate).
Residency training is approximately 60 months (5 years).

Residency Program Education Plan

The content of the postgraduate medical training is equivalent to the Swedish specialist education authorized by the National Board of Health and Welfare. The training is arranged in the same way as for Swedish specialists, involving five years of clinical work (about four years in the specialty concerned and 6-18 months in adjacent specialties).

A limited number of one-week theoretical courses are included. During the education, the doctor will under supervision assist in medical care within the specialist areas covered by the educational plans, in accordance with applicable Swedish laws and regulations. This means that the doctor gradually and in accordance with his/her actual competence will be assigned special tasks. A special supervisor will be appointed. The training program will be designed with regard to the individual needs of the doctor, which may vary according to specialty and the requirements of his home country.

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