Language is not a paper, it is a practice

Dr. Fatma Al-Kuwari
3 Sep 2014

Language is not a paper, it is a practice

Swedish HealthCare met up with Dr. Fatma Al-Kuwari, one of the doctors currently studying Swedish, in preparation for her studies in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Danderyds sjukhus in Stockholm.

Why did you choose to do your training in Sweden?
– I heard good things about Sweden and Danderyds sjukhus, and I like the way they work with rehabilitation in Sweden, they work as a team. I wanted to come here to learn more and to increase my knowledge of my specialty to benefit my hospital in Qatar and our patients.

You have participated in Swedish HealthCare language training now for six months. What are the results?
– I’m really very happy about the results I have reached for the past six months. Our language teacher Åsa has helped us so much! The language program is very good, and not only for learning the language. We also go on different study visits to primary care centers and other similar places, which helps us to learn more. I like the way we are learning the language and I’m happy about my progress so far. But the language needs time, you need time to practice. You know, the language is not a paper, it is a practice.

You recently went to a primary care center for a study visit. How was it?
– It was very good day! I have been working already more than 12 years in a hospital in Qatar, so I enjoyed coming back to a hospital again. I got to spend the day with Dr. Kristina who is a general practitioner. Together with Kristina I saw many patients with different diagnoses. Dr Kristina and I discussed the cases and we each exchanged our opinions. I also examined some patients during the day. Dr Kristina made me feel included. We also had a discussion about stroke, because I have a special interest in stroke cases. I really enjoyed my day because I enjoy working in a hospital.

How do study visits contribute to your language training?
– It contributes a lot! It gives us the opportunity to practice what we learn in language training. In the beginning it was simple things, like learning how to order in Swedish in a restaurant or a coffee shop. Now, we practice communicating with patients. Now I can speak with patients and other doctors. It is beneficial and I feel confident.

Do you look forward to starting your training at the hospital?
– I really miss working in the hospital and I miss working with patients, so I’m really looking forward to starting my clinical training in September.

What are your impressions of Sweden so far?
– It feels a little like my country Qatar. The Swedes are very familiar, nice and very cooperative. Everything is very organized and I like that. So far, I have found a solution for everything here. Swedish HealthCare has also been very helpful and we have received a lot of support from them.

What difficulties have you encountered?
– Finding suitable accommodation has been somewhat difficult. The style of houses here is so different from what I’m used to. But we have received help from Swedish HealthCare to find housing. But I’m here as a transit. Sweden is a very nice transit for me. I’m here to learn from life, from my studies and to learn from the people. During this time I will learn many things, and then I will go back to my Qatar.

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