Study abroad: Our calendar for 2024

As we anticipate the forthcoming year, Swedish HealthCare Academy stands poised for success with a meticulously planned schedule of study abroad courses spanning prominent locales such as Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. Moreover, ongoing dialogues with esteemed universities in the United States underscore our commitment as the global gateway to study healthcare delivery.

Explore the calendar for 2024 to gain insights into these carefully curated programs. Whether you are a prospective student seeking transformative educational experiences or a university interested in forging strategic partnerships, our offerings are designed to meet the evolving demands of healthcare education.

Witness the evolution of healthcare education with Swedish HealthCare Academy leading the way. Seize the opportunity to shape your future by perusing our 2024 calendar, and do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries. Your next chapter in healthcare education begins here.

Course 1: Health Systems around the World: Global Health Leadership
When: 2024, March 10-15
Where: Geneva, Switzerland
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Course #2: Exploring the Health System in Sweden
When: 2024, April 28-May 3
Where: Stockholm, Sweden
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Course #3: Global Health Organizations in Geneva
When: 2024, May 6-10
Where: Geneva, Switzerland
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Course #4: Legal Medical Study Abroad
When: 2024, May 19-31
Where: Prague and Brno, Czech Republic
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Course #5: Exploring the Health System in Sweden
When: 2024, June 9-14
Where: Stockholm, Sweden

Course #6: Exploring the Health System in Canada
When: 2024, August 4-9
Where: Ottawa, Canada

Course #7: Exploring the Social welfare and Childcare in Sweden
When: 2024, September 16-20
Where: Malmö and Lund, Sweden