Partner presentation: Mr. Thomas Townsend

Meet Thomas Townsend, visiting researcher at Ottawa University since 2011 and consultant to Swedish HealthCare Academy. Mr. Townsend is our leading expert on governance and public policy in the Canadian health system. 

Why did you choose to work with your field of expertise/profession?

To be able to share the knowledge and wisdom accumulated throughout my career in the Federal Public Service.

How long have you worked with Swedish HealthCare Academy?

For 4 years.

Tell us about your best lecturing memory i.e. feedback from student or result from a lecture/assignment?

Students providing feedback on a lecture about different rationing practices in health care money specifically ability to pay (US system) vs time ability to wait (Canadian system).

What is the key to the Canadian healthcare system that makes it unique in a global context? 

That each province controls its own system but all meet the principles of the Canada Health Act.

Study abroad course: Exploring the Health System in Canada

When: 2024, August 4-9
Where: Ottawa, Canada
Status: Open for registration
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