Hussam Mutwalli surrounded by his directors Deyar Mahmood (left) and Michael Braian
27 Sep 2017

International Master student awarded for poster presentation in Prosthetic Dentistry

Scandinavian Society for Prosthetic Dentistry (SSPD) holds a conference every year. Interested general practitioners and prosthodontists are welcome to attend and the conference is open to an audience from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Representatives from the faculties’ prosthodontic departments meet in conjunction with the conference to promote scientific activities and advance knowledge of oral prosthetic dentistry in the Nordic region.

This year, Copenhagen was the site of venue and the theme was Implant and Prosthetics focusing on 3D and soft tissue. Recognized international speakers were invited.

The conference schedule was filled, and somewhere near the end of the conference the agenda called for poster presentations. The intention was to identify and present younger researchers and reward the winner with a price of 5,000 SEK.

Recipient of the award for best poster presentation was Hussam Mutwalli, international master student at the Faculty of Odontology at Malmö University.

– Digital prints save on materials, are sustainable and environmentally friendly, says Hussam Mutwalli. And for the patient, all information is stored in digitally transferable files, which is better for managing treatments. In the presentation, I did not try to search for more details but rather striving to make my presentation as easy to understand and as interesting as possible.

One of Hussam Mutwalli’s supervisors, Michael Braian, thinks Hussam’s research is extremely relevant to dentists.Hussam Mutwalli’s research area focuses on digital dental care and the precision in intraoral scanning. As durability and storage capabilities are significantly higher with digital imagery, under supervision Hussam examines the ability to completely replace conventional casts with a digital image.

– Dentists try to achieve a replication of nature by replacing lost tissues for example tooth substance, he says. Hussam’s research is about ensuring detail and precision, and it is important for further development of dental care with the patient in focus. Hussam is also a hungry scientist who is passionate about the development in our field. And he has really absorbed all knowledge since he came here.

Camilla Ahlgren, secretary of the SSPD and lecturer at the Department of Prosthodontics, says that Hussam’s presentation, along with a strong poster, made his research both interesting and easy to understand.

– We are also particularly proud that four of the five poster presentations came from the Faculty of Odontology in Malmö, she says.

This year, research was presented by five young researchers:

  • a systematic overview of implant coverings and cost effectiveness,
  • two clinical studies on ceramic crowns,
  • two in vitro studies on digital prints compared to conventional prints, and
  • a study that looked at the accuracy and precision of intraoral scanners.

The SSPD board consists of Per Vult von Steyern (President), Anders Falk (Treasurer) and Camilla Ahlgren (Secretary), all active researchers at the Faculty of Odontology at Malmö University. In addition to these three, the board includes a representative from each country.

The chairman of the poster contest, Fleming Isidor, is from Denmark, and the two judges who assessed the performances, Madeleine Jansson Pamenius and Marit Øilo are from Sweden and Norway.

Text: Johan Portland, Malmö University
Source: Malmö University website

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