News from our dental implant certification program

Level II module completed in January 2015
Dental implant certification students
30 Jan 2015

Dentists gain new insights into dental implants at certification course

In early January, 12 dentists attended a week-long advanced training course in dental implantology carried out by Malmö University and arranged together with Swedish HealthCare. The group of international dentists travelled from several Western and Eastern European countries as well as the USA. Each of the week-long training course participants came to the university setting to expand their dental implant competencies as well as learn about modern, advanced treatment technologies and techniques.

The second of a three level dental certification program, the course module was held over five days and offered attendees insights from non-commercial, independent and certified professionals who work daily with clinical, academic and research aspects of dental implantology.

Day of 3D models, dental impantology technique disucsssion and surgery

The day’s discussion began centered around the usage of 3D casting and imagery to aid the dentist in gaining proper orientation when working with dental implants. A green jaw casting developed via 3D imagery was passed around amongst the 12 visiting dentists, who listen to a description of its clinical and operational benefits from the main lecturer for the course, Dr. Göran Urde.

Dental implant certification program with clinical training

Attendees of our dental implant certification program view the clinical procedure live

Dr. Urde is a Doctor of Dental Surgery, Program Director of postgraduate education at the Faculty of Odontology at Malmö University as well the Managing Director at the Futurum clinic. He tells the participants that the main item on the agenda for the day is an operation.

A middle-aged, female patient will soon arrive and a second dental implant will be inserted onto one of two her upper front teeth. Both fixture and crown are to be set today. The patient case and treatment technique used are described in detail. The treatment, developed by Dr. Urde and his team, is called the tooth now concept and promises to result in extremely good long-term aesthetics.

Indepedent course at leading center of dental implantology

“We offer a living showroom for the latest in dental implant treatment, research and development,” says Dr Urde. “Our work here involves training students as well as acting like an incubator to go from idea to proof-of-concept in new dental implant innovation. Our centre is a place to generate, test, validate, learn about and share new things.”

Mastering advanced treatments provides dentists new opportunities

The 12 course participants all have experience with dental implant work and come to deepen their implantology knowledge and skills. Learning about more advanced treatments was important for Nico Buehler, a dentist from Zurich in Switzerland.

Nico Buehler, dentist

Dr. Nico Buehler, dentist from Zurich, Switzerland, who attended our dental implant certification program

“Today, I perform around 70 dental implant treatments a year, which is probably around 20% of my work,” begins Buehler. “Of course, there is good competence for more general dentistry work in Switzerland. So referrals from dentists with limited or no dental implant experience is important for me.”

A second course attendee, 45 year-old Joseph Bonner, came from the Irish town of Ballybofey in Donegal County. Over the last two years he has performed around 25-30 surgical and up to 70 restorative implant cases per year.

“I have worked 22 years working as a dentist at my own private practice,” says Bonner. “I am looking for 30-35% of my sales to come from work with implants moving forward. So I joined this course to further my education and training as well as increase my knowledge on surgical and prosthetic aspects of implant dentistry.”

How has the course helped?

Joe Bonner

Dr. Joe Bonner, dentist from Ireland, attended our dental implant certification program

“The content and theoretical aspects of this training were excellent,” begins Bonner, “and I am suitably impressed and satisfied with the practical and administration aspects of the training.”

Buehler sums up his experience like this,

Joe Bonner and Nico Buehler with other dental implant students

From left: Nico Buehler, Joe Bonner and three more program attendees

“I am a clinically-focused person and find it is good to refresh your knowledge and practice. I spend about one month a year attending relevant courses to help me. And I will plant to the certification module from this course this summer.“

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