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TypeOnsite Course
Placelectures in Örebro: visits to facilities in Sweden
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Intensive language course in October 2021 for medical professionals

sCall for enrollment: a new language training course in general and medical Swedish will take place in Örebro, 1st of October 2021.

The language course is offered to clinicians, dentists, veterinarians and other medical professionals aiming to work and study in Sweden. Our program is performed according to the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR) and is divided into five different levels in accordance with the scales A1, A2, B1, B2, C1. Each level is completed by a test.

The full-time training is performed in small groups which allow the teachers to adapt the training to the student´s individual needs. During the language training there will also be study visits and external lecturers to broaden the student´s knowledge of healthcare systems in Sweden.

For additional information, please contact or call +46406118200.


Overview of Swedish language course

Who should attend

Participants are most likely today working as:

Healthcare practitioners who are aiming to work in Sweden, such as clinicians, dentists, veterinarians and other medical professionals.


The objective of the course is to provide students with the ability to work in Sweden by teaching the general and medical Swedish language.

Content includes

Participants will learn professional Swedish and key facts about Sweden, including:

Course example

Day 1 Time

Introduction to Sweden:
• Focus on social development
• Governance – political system, tax system

 Morning session

Introduction to the Sweden’s healthcare system
• Health system performance in Sweden
• Governance
• Financing
• Provision

Afternoon session

• Breakout sessions
• Group discussion

Afternoon session

Swedish patients:
• Rights
• Channels to complain
Afternoon session

Day 2 Time

The European context:
• What is Swedish and what is European
• Differences in performance
• Differences in the system functions

 Morning session

Management and administration of primary healthcare clinics:
• Study visit to Flemingsberg primary care

Afternoon session

Management and administration of primary healthcare clinics:
• Study visit to Mörby primary care clinic
Afternoon session

Day 3 Time

Study visit to a
Swedish hospital

• New Karolinska Solna

 Morning session

Study visit to a
Swedish hospital
• Department of Thoracic Surgery
• Karolinska University Hospital
• Health Outcomes Measuremente

Afternoon session

Day 4 Time

Last 10 years of healthcare reform in Sweden:

• Patient choice as an engine for improved performance
• Efficiency and equity

 Morning session

Social support and the responsibilities of municipalities:
• Löjtnantsgården; Nursing home for elderly care and group living for people with dementia

Afternoon session

Social support and the responsibilities of municipalities:
• Presentation of the
Department of
Elderly services,
City of Stockholm
Afternoon session

Day 5 Time

Supply and development of staff and medical knowledge:
• The Swedish
Medical Association

 Morning session

Supply and development of staff and medical knowledge:
• The Swedish Association of Health Professionals

Morning session

Wrap up:
• Hospital management
• Discussion and evaluation of week

Afternoon session

• Mingle with speakers, guests, hosts and students
Afternoon session


The program will consist of lectures, interactive discussions and practical exercises that provide attendees with demonstrations and hands-on training at local clinics in Sweden. This means the course will include visits to primary and hospital care facilities in Sweden. There will be local speakers scheduled during the week. Students embark on their service experience as a group, traveling to their selected location and service activity. Students will be provided with the necessary tools and supplies for their specific service activity. After completing each day’s required activity, students are required to write journal entries and give details about their daily experiences about what they are experiencing and learning.

Care facilities visited during this course


Example of a course lecturer

Jens Wilkens

Jens Wilkens
Jens Wilkens is a health economist working at the National Board of Health and Wealth of Sweden, the largest government health agency in Sweden. His main field of work is analysis of organization and financing of health systems. In addition, he teaches courses on health systems development and health care financing at both Uppsala University (Department for Women’s and Children’s Health) and the Karolinska Institute (Department of Public Health). Mr. Wilkens previously worked at the Health Financing Departments of the WHO European Regional Office in Copenhagen and for WHO Headquarters in Geneva. He has also worked as a consultant in the field of health systems and financing for a wide range of institutions.

Photo credit: Björn Olin, Folio,

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Some former students and their teachers