About Swedish HealthCare

Swedish HealthCare is a private company that was founded in 1989 to act as an international gateway to share Swedish medical care and healthcare knowledge. Today, we provide international care professionals and students with insights into Sweden’s top-ranked healthcare and welfare systems — directly from some of Sweden’s leading care experts. Swedish HealthCare enjoys close ties with several major universities and university hospitals in Sweden and we have close ties with leading social welfare professionals and elderly care facilities.

We offer specialist training programs, courses and study tours for dental and medical professionals held at leading Swedish universities, educational or clinical facilities. Our customers are international Health and Education governmental authorities, schools and their sponsored students.

Swedish HealthCare solutions

Swedish HealthCare offers solutions in the following areas:

  • Medical and dentistry academic programs: bachelor, master, PhD, fellowship and residency programs in Sweden
  • Classroom and online learning courses
  • Healthcare and social welfare study tours of the Swedish healthcare system for international students, teams and groups
  • Outsourced hospital management services at client premises: concept development, capacity development, staffing, etc.
  • International patient care: medical and dental care services in Sweden

Since our start in 1989, we have helped ensure academic, institutional, specialized, professional and programmatic accreditation for more than 2,500 international professionals — from such countries as the USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Japan, China, Albania and Georgia.

Together with our network of specialist consultants, we are ready to partner with you to develop the capacity of your personnel and organization. And help inspire brighter futures.

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